Contact & Bookings

How can I get the All Stars at my event?

Contact The Springville All Star Marching Band:  716-592-0151, info  (at) springvilleallstars dot com

Feel free to pester. We’re super busy.

Where have you played before?

Click here.

Can I join your band?

Sure. We provide the uniform.

Are you a high school band?

Our members range in age from 16 to over 65. I’ve heard of “being held back” but that seems ridiculous.

What’s with the chicken?

Childhood issues.

What’s with the Bones?

That’s all that’s left of the last guy who played that instrument.

Where is Springville?


How much does it cost to have you at my event?

We choose shows based on several factors and our cost to get there and play is something we consider. Every situation is different, just call us. Shows have ranged from $0-$1,000. With many members with varied interests we can only honor so many requests.  FYI all of our money goes into our band kitty which pays for educational programs, pizza, travel and instrument stuff.


Do you really want a marching band? Here are some requirements.

  • We don’t perform on stages. We need to be mobile.
  • We refuse to use electronic sound reinforcement.
  • We require a private changing area.
  • We require access to bathrooms.
  • We need water in our changing area and wherever we play. Bottled water is a waste. Any good potable water will do.
  • We often bring little children or babies along.
  • Ice Cream makes us play five times faster, six times louder and seven times for pleasure…
  • Parades aside, please don’t make us perform on hot black top where there is no shade. A few of use are still human.
  • We require overhead clearance of at least 9 feet for the tall sousaphone player.
  • We need at least 10′ x 20′ of space.
  • The more you ask us to do scripted silly things the less the crowd enjoys it. Let us work with your audience.